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August 17 2009 2 17 /08 /August /2009 16:51
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By Munnan
Defeat nothing but education be,
First step to betterment clearly,
For it a stride was for victory,
And not just lazing in no activity.

Some defeats more triumphant be,
Than those who attained victory,
A battle lost can be no tragedy,
When the war is won eventually.

Defeat but just be your mentality,
Else you still win with your clarity,
For every breath you take clearly,
Attains you your victory finally.

Any victory be but momentary,
And violence a pit for tragedy,
Prefer defeat to triumph surely,
Than defeat injustice by evil purely.
© Munindra Misra
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August 17 2009 2 17 /08 /August /2009 16:19
By Munnan

Anger makes a dull man witty,
But keeps him poor in eternity,
A man shrinks when he is angry,
And grows in tranquil serenity.

When anger flow in the body,
You lose your temper – your folly,
When distempered – a tragedy,
You lose reason – a calamity.

Anger at lies last in infinity,
Anger at truth is momentary,
Speech – when you are angry,
Will but make you feel sorry.

It is not worth being angry,
And any threat is a folly,
Reason is your tool mighty,
Think of consequences finally.
Anger causes resentment only,
A headache and tension clearly,
Forgiveness propels growth surely,
With laughter and lightness totally.

© Munindra Misra
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August 17 2009 2 17 /08 /August /2009 03:32
By Munnan
Incompetents make trouble for people invariably,
Other than themselves - troubled constantly,
The incompetent with nothing to do certainly,
Can still make a mess of things very easily. [1]

Equal opportunity means all have the opportunity,
A fair chance at being incompetent eventually,
Rising to their level of incompetence finally,
Competence – be in the beholder’s eye only. [2]
© Munindra Misra
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August 16 2009 1 16 /08 /August /2009 12:14

By Munnan
Doubt but fear to attempt but be,
Our doubts are traitors undoubtedly,
In doubt faith subsist in certainty,
But cannot focus on path to victory. [1]

Doubt whom you will, but not self clearly,
If children don’t doubt it be a tragedy,
Belief but ever divides people strongly,
And their doubts unite them resoundingly. [2]

Doubt not a pleasant condition be,
Certainty - a more absurd contingency,
But to reach the point of certainty,
We begin with doubting categorically. [3]

For every seeker of Truth that be,
At least once you doubt all things fully,
Respecting faith without doubt but be,
But with doubt education blooms totally. [4]

Doubt but thought ever but be,
And thought is life unhesitatingly,
Fools and fanatics certain but be,
The wise full of doubt thoughtfully. [5]
© Munindra Misra

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August 16 2009 1 16 /08 /August /2009 07:29
By Munnan
Knowing the answer advice is asked generally,
Following the same be rare unquestionably,
After giving it do ever be indifferent perfectly,
And never expect it to be followed truthfully. [1]
In giving advice seek to help - not please only,
Most receive advice but profit from it hardly,
Advice received should not be framed clearly,
Its implementation be the solution surely. [2]
Advice uncalled for should never be given,
Advice from person in difficulty not taken,
Keep advice from loved ones - even unpleasant,
Never advise on war, marriage or such event. [3]
Advice from friends receive open mindedly,
Never give up to it or follow it blindly,
Whether right or wrong grasp totally,
With judicious reserve comprehend fully. [4]
If asked for advice - give wholeheartedly,
Even if knowing its acceptance be failingly,
For in giving the same it helps your clarity,
Showing your own life’s path - so lucidly. [5]
© Munindra Misra
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July 27 2009 2 27 /07 /July /2009 05:10

By Munnan
More despicable nothing ever be,
Than respect based on fear truly;
Fear – not the natural state can be,
Of civilized people or any society. [1]

Collective fear as herd instincts be,
Ever tending to produce ferocity,
Towards others who not members be,
Of their herd or of their society. [2]

Most destructive element of Humanity,
Is fear in the human mind over-poweringly,
Fear creates aggressiveness unflinchingly,
And silence terrifies most fearfully. [3]

Fear creates aggressiveness unheedingly,
Fear the most destructive element be,
Fear not natural state of civilized man be,
Yet Fear an emotion crucial for survival be. [4]

Fear on the foundation of worry be,
Fear reinforced by choosing safety,
Fear in the whelm of inadequacy be,
Fear produces one’s own ferocity. [5]

Fear’s birth in corridors of darkness be,
Silence terrifies people the most clearly,
Fear in the unknown and of future be,
Growing in the shadows of lies fully. [6]

Dispelling fear but knowledge be,
Replacing our doubts completely,
Nothing need be feared undoubtedly,
But must be comprehended absolutely. [7]

Greed by compassion overcome be,
It but asks for sharing unflinchingly,
Fear by kindness triumphant over be,
It calls for gratefulness and love only. [8]

Opposite of ignorance knowledge be,
As unconsciousness to awareness be,
The other side of fear freedom be,
Similarly akin to night as the day be. [9]

Fear dispelled by belief understandingly,
Turn the lights on in darkness knowingly,
Eradicate your fear by living deeply,
With the removal of fear you live only. [10]

Keep your fears to yourself completely,
But share inspiration with others openly,
Weep not for past which unchangeable be,
Fear not the future – live in present only. [11]

Judge your age by the pain you feel,
When in contact with a new idea you be,
Without darkness no birth does be,
As without light nothing flowers surely. [12]

© Munindra Misra
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July 27 2009 2 27 /07 /July /2009 05:10
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A second insult be just a stiff apology, 
As the first be when hurt was the party; 
Damages for aggrieved no medicine be, 
But healing from hurt - the desire only. [1] 

Apology an egotism wrong side out surely. 
Apology a good way to have last word clearly, 
The right sort of people want  no apologies, 
And the wrong sort take a mean gain cruelly. [2] 

A good rule in life - never apologize initially, 
Unless accused never defend unnecessarily, 
A request or `please’ may surmise firstly, 
And never apologize unless you feel sorry. [3] 

True remorse but never just a regret be – 
Over consequence but over motive truly, 
Proper action needs no account definitely, 
And any excuse but ever ruins an apology. [4][ 

An apology - but like a lovely flower be, 
Changing the clumsiest moment graciously, 
An apology - the superglue of life be, 
Repairing just about anything resolutely. [5] 
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July 27 2009 2 27 /07 /July /2009 05:08
By Munnan
Where wealth without work be, 
And commerce without morality; [1]
Where pleasure without conscience be, 
And science without humanity; [2]

Where knowledge without character be, 
And duty without modesty; [3]

Where worship without sacrifice be, 
And freedom without duty; [4]

Where enemies without conscience be, 
And ideals without humility; [5]

Where politics without principles be, 
And work with ego dominatingly; [6]

Where oppression with democracy be, 
And principles with arrogance fully; [7]

Where achievement without truth be, 
And action with hate overpoweringly; [8]

Where belief with stubbornness be,
And humanity without responsibility. [9]
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July 27 2009 2 27 /07 /July /2009 05:07
By Munnan
Bravery in life is steadfast being,
Ever facing for truth prevailing,
Not due to any fear so staying,
Or not running but yet fearing. [1] 

Youth may see the dreams failing,
Fresh and innocent – anger flowing,
Appropriate be grief then existing,
Mandatory there after be the healing. [2] 

Strength lies not in similarity but diversity,
Strong lives motivated by dynamic morality,
Success not measured by position held finally,
But by obstacles overcome in life in reality. [3] 

Life is like a clock endlessly ever ticking. 
Whether getting somewhere or standing, 
It like a grindstone ever so churning,
Grinding or polishing – on us depending. [4] 

Life but like a cycle that you be riding,
You will fall if you ever stop peddling,
Life not of good cards you be holding,
But those held and how you be playing. [5] 

Success – singleness of purpose striving,
It is not length of life, but depth of living,
By what we get it makes our existing, 
We make a life by what we be giving. [6] 

Live as though to die tomorrow being,
Learn as though to live forever seeing,
None to live backwards be getting,
Look ahead as its your future bearing. [7] 

To think life begins as troubles be ending,
Obstacle removed or success first making,
Time to serve or some debt reimbursing,
But the whole life be but in this very clearing. [8] 

The tragedy of life be not its early stopping,
But in our prolonged wait for its beginning,
The tragedy of life but be in hope waiting,
Not striving to overcome or in present living. [9] 

The tragedy of life be in past dwelling,
Or in the dreams of future be sleeping,
Not in present moment concentrating,
Being on the tightrope of life is living. [10] 

Desire be needed for life in motion being,
Learn from yesterday and today living,
And for tomorrow eagerly ever hoping,
And in faith the mind undeniably resting. [11] 

On life's journey faith be nourishing,
Virtuous deeds are the sheltering,
The light by day – be wisdom glowing,
Safety by night – right wariness flowing. [12] 

A candle without fire cannot be burning, 
Man without a spiritual life cannot be living,
Yet sitting quietly and nothing even if doing,
The spring will come and grass will be growing. [13] 
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July 27 2009 2 27 /07 /July /2009 05:05
By Munnan

- If you desire to choose something, 
    Choose but good deeds sincerely; [1]

- If you desire to control something, 
    Control your wagging tongue truly; [2]

- If you desire to count something, 
    Count your life’s wrongdoings fully; [3]
- If you desire to do something, 
    Spread Lord’s sayings earnestly; [4]

- If you desire to drink something, 
    Drink the Love Of Devine entirely; [5]

- If you desire to fight something, 
    Fight your anger ever diligently; [6]

- If you desire to give something, 
    Give to the downtrodden surely; [7]

- If you desire to grow something, 
    Grow your knowledge unendingly; [8]

- If you desire to imbibe something, 
    Imbibe your parent’s teaching wholly; [9]
- If you desire to keep something, 
    Keep the Lord’s knowledge faithfully; [10]
- If you desire to kill something, 
    Kill knowledge righteous's enemy; [11]
- If you desire to know something, 
    Know the path of the Almighty; [12]
- If you desire to leave something, 
    Leave your ego – the hurdle clearly; [13]
- If you desire to meet something, 
    Meet people with knowledge openly; [14]
- If you desire to remove something, 
    Remove all your bad company; [15]
- If you desire to run from something, 
    Run from the devotion’s enemy; [16]
- If you desire to search something, 
    Search for good people genuinely; [17]
- If you desire to see something, 
    See your wrong doings open-mindedly; [18]
- If you desire to speak something, 
    Speak in a manner most softly; [19]
- If you desire to stop something, 
    Stop unrestrained desires earnestly; [20]
- If you desire to take something, 
    Take the pains of others totally; [21]
- If you desire to weigh something, 
    Weigh your shortcoming simply; [22]
- If you desire to be happy, 
    Give happiness to others selflessly; [23]

- If you aspire to the very Divinity,
    Relinquish all desires absolutely. [24]

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