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  • Published works of Munindra Misra

    03 August 2014 ( #Hinduism, #Sanatan Dharma, #religion )

    MOBILE APP - ISBN DIRECTORY - GOODREADS - Find Books a) Globally b) IN INDIA at : 1. Amazon 2. Flipkart 1. Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra - My Father Book dedicated to Pt. K.L. Misra Preview ebook Quotes web-site 2. Eddies of Life Book dedicated to Smt. Neerja...

  • Apology

    27 July 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan A second insult be just a stiff apology, As the first be when hurt was the party; Damages for aggrieved no medicine be, But healing from hurt - the desire only. [1] Apology an egotism wrong side out surely. Apology a good way to have last word...

  • Poetry Sites

    27 July 2009 ( #Poetry )

    मुनीन्द्र (मुन्नन) मिश्रा 1. Bhagwat Gita a) Link b) By Munnan c) MSN Live Web Doc 2. Munnan Misra a) Google b) MySpace c) Articles 3. Poems a) On Google b) Links c) WordPress d) Link 4. Poetry: a) Samples b) 1969 - 2007 (i) Love & Strength (ii) Ditties...

  • Desire

    27 July 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan - If you desire to choose something, Choose but good deeds sincerely; [1] - If you desire to control something, Control your wagging tongue truly; [2] - If you desire to count something, Count your life’s wrongdoings fully; [3] - If you desire...

  • Walk Of Life

    27 July 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan Bravery in life is steadfast being, Ever facing for truth prevailing, Not due to any fear so staying, Or not running but yet fearing. [1] Youth may see the dreams failing, Fresh and innocent – anger flowing, Appropriate be grief then existing,...

  • Cause Of Violence

    27 July 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan Where wealth without work be, And commerce without morality; [1] Where pleasure without conscience be, And science without humanity; [2] Where knowledge without character be, And duty without modesty; [3] Where worship without sacrifice be,...

  • Fear

    27 July 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan More despicable nothing ever be, Than respect based on fear truly; Fear – not the natural state can be, Of civilized people or any society. [1] Collective fear as herd instincts be, Ever tending to produce ferocity, Towards others who not members...

  • Advice

    16 August 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan Knowing the answer advice is asked generally, Following the same be rare unquestionably, After giving it do ever be indifferent perfectly, And never expect it to be followed truthfully. [1] In giving advice seek to help - not please only, Most...

  • Doubt

    16 August 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan Doubt but fear to attempt but be, Our doubts are traitors undoubtedly, In doubt faith subsist in certainty, But cannot focus on path to victory. [1] Doubt whom you will, but not self clearly, If children don’t doubt it be a tragedy, Belief but...

  • My Poetry Links

    16 August 2009 ( #Poetry )

    Poets Community is created for poets and Publishers alike - All are welcome. My Community Blog My Poems can be read at 1. Links 2. Bhagwat Gita My Poetry 1969 - 2007 3. Love And Strength 4. Ditties Of Life 5. Humanity & Peace My Poetry 2008 6. Action...

  • Competence

    17 August 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan Incompetents make trouble for people invariably, Other than themselves - troubled constantly, The incompetent with nothing to do certainly, Can still make a mess of things very easily. [1] Equal opportunity means all have the opportunity, A...

  • Anger

    17 August 2009 ( #Poems )

    By Munnan Anger makes a dull man witty, But keeps him poor in eternity, A man shrinks when he is angry, And grows in tranquil serenity. When anger flow in the body, You lose your temper – your folly, When distempered – a tragedy, You lose reason – a calamity....

  • Defeat

    17 August 2009 ( #Poems )

    META name="y_key" content="91f0911c9e81004f" By Munnan Defeat nothing but education be, First step to betterment clearly, For it a stride was for victory, And not just lazing in no activity. Some defeats more triumphant be, Than those who attained victory,...

  • eBook Publications

    22 March 2014 ( #Hinduism )

    http://booksmmisra.blogspot.in/p/ebooks.html 1. eBooks 2. My Books

  • Bhagwat Gita

    27 July 2009 ( #Bhagwat Gita )

    1. Bhagwat Gita a) Link b) By Munnan c) MSN Live Web Doc

  • Pt. Kanhaiya Lal Misra

    27 July 2009 ( #K.L. Misra )

    Pt. K.L. Misra - blog Link - Google

  • Priyakshay

    27 July 2009 ( #Priyakshay )

    Priyakshay Link


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